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Therapy for teens and adults looking to let go of fear and pain after a difficult experience - so that you can celebrate your life! 
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Mindfulness Matters


Most of us find ourselves rushing through our day-to-day lives, never having a moment to slow down, catch our breath, and enjoy the things we’ve worked hard to build in our lives. We find our bodies aching and sore, our minds racing, and we feel overwhelmed.

Mindfulness meditation refers to a practice that focuses on awareness of the present experience without judgment. This involves paying attention to each event experienced in the present moment with a non-judgmental, non-reactive and accepting attitude, allowing us to fully experience our lives freed from judgment. It can bring a respite and peace into the mad frenzy of our daily lives.

Sometimes, we need a moment of escape from our go-go-go routine. We need something to help us feel refreshed and ready to face our lives again. Mindfulness uses tools such as mental images and here and now sensations to give us this mental vacation so we can enhance our natural ability to perform in difficult life situations. It helps to clear our mind from daily worries and focus on a relaxing place or theme.

I will be offering a series of both of these styles of meditations for 8 weeks. Mindfulness Matters will give you something to look forward to in order to clear you head for your week and refocus on the things that matter in your life. 

Limited slots are available o ensure a comfortable, quality experience for everyone. If you're interested but can't come in person, contact me for options to have you join us digitally to still gain the benefits of this incredible practice.

If you are curious about this group, contact me to discuss how Mindfulness Matters can help you get your life back to the pace you love!  

Click here to be added to our waiting list for the next round of Mindfulness Matters! 

Curious about this powerful practice? Ready to see how Mindfulness can help you better manage your stress, navigate tough emotions,  and get clarity back into your life? Check out my free Get Mindful Toolkit here

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Ready to give the benefits of Mindfulness a try so you can build a life you celebrate? Check out my free Get Mindful Toolkit here!

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Looking for a way to slow down the overwhelming thoughts and feelings so you can bring your life to where you want it to be?
Try it with my free Mindfulness toolkit here to get back on track and have the relationships you want, feel calm and centered, and create your life of celebration!

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