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I offer Reiki sessions for adults, children, teens, and animals. Reiki therapy is a holistic, gentle energy work process that assists in physical, mental and emotional healing. It is a simple, effective and powerful method of natural healing. Sessions provide a relaxing, soothing healing environment that ensures comfort and peace during your healing. This relaxed, peaceful state helps to contribute to our emotional, physical, and mental healing.

More recently, researchers have begun to more formally evaluate Reiki’s effectiveness in healing a number of different things. Reiki is now being offered in hospitals and other clinical settings to help cardiac patients following heart attacks, cancer survivors during their recovery, and many other conditions. Reiki has also been valued as a complement to psychotherapy and in alleviating depression, anxiety, effects of trauma, and reducing stress. 


Reiki specializations include:



Stress reduction



Conflict resolution

Work and career issues

Weight loss

Addiction & recovery

Veteran readjustment

I offer two distinct styles of Reiki for sessions, Usui Reiki and Jikiden Reiki. While both styles will offer the same energy, the techniques for delivery differ between the two. Contact me to explore what will help you make use of this gentle healing modality in achieving your goals. 

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