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Sometimes, it feels like the pace of our lives just will not let us slow down to invest in ourselves. We may feel overscheduled and like we have to cut out the things that are going to help us feel more connected to ourselves. I offer video counseling to clients who are in need of therapy, but are not able to meet at my office so that they can feel like they don't have to choose between their never-ending to-do list or the things that are going to help them enrich their lives.  Video counseling is easy, therapeutic, and can assist you on your journey to building a life you celebrate.

For some people online therapy may be a practical alternative to in-office visits. Some of my clients use this option in conjunction with their face-to-face sessions and others find it so effective that they only use video counseling.

Video counseling only requires a computer (Mac or PC) with a video camera and Internet connection.

As scheduled collaboratively, we will be using a secure platform for online sessions. Please note that while there is a subtle difference in comparison with in-person sessions, this medium can help safeguard any gaps in sessions.  

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