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Couple Therapy Session

Episode 2


Beyond the Couch with Dr. Sally Nazari

What Is Psychotherapy?

Released: Mar 20, 2017

Beyond the Couch with Dr. Sally Nazari
What Is Psychotherapy?
Released: Mar 20, 2017


In today’s episode, we take a closer look at what psychotherapy is and how it can help us get unstuck in our lives to make the progress that we want to see, change the patterns we keep repeating, and help build new ones so we can create a life that we want to celebrate.

What We Will Learn:

We take a targeted look at how psychotherapy can play a role in our lives in unraveling the muddy feelings of getting stuck in our lives when we are dealing with disruptions, changes, and how we can best make use of this modality to turbocharge our lives. Psychotherapy can help us create the building blocks for redefining ourselves and cultivating a new life.

Resources Mentioned:



Next time, we will take a closer look at what Reiki is and how it can help us get back on track.

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