Discovering Yourself

by sally nazari, psyd

Feeling like you are a bit of a mystery to yourself? Maybe it has been feeling like the self help books just haven’t been cutting it anymore. Or maybe you are wondering what it is about you that makes you operate in just that way!

Sometimes, we all begin to get curious about how we “work.” We wonder about our specific patterns and our default ways of understanding ourselves, the world, and others. Other times, we find ourselves noticing patterns but not understanding the ways that they tend to help or hinder us.

One tool that can facilitate the discovery of ourselves in this state of wonder and mystery is Mindfulness . With Mindful awareness devoid of self critical stances, we can discover what builds for us as well as what aids us.

Another valuable tool in self discovery is assessment. I recently shared some thoughts with Bustle on some ways that personality tests can help us to attain our goals. Be sure to read more HERE . We might find that those very things about us that just don’t “make sense” might be the biggest clue to the very thing we find ourselves stuck with!

It might even help us learn to better love ourselves !

What did you discover in tuning in to yourself so that you can bring more self compassion into your experience? Hit reply and share with me!

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Comment below and tell me how your experience with greater awareness went!

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