Mindfulness Matters 1 Day Workshop Enrollment Closing

by sally nazari, psyd

If you have ever said…
I can’t focus or think straight
I can’t seem to figure out what I want
Everyone judges me
I’m not good enough


This two hour workshop will provide you with the skills to…

+ Notice the here and now experiences even when you are overwhelmed and unsettled so that you can participate in the parts of your life that are meaningful

+ Engage in activities even when you’re feeling scared or insecure so that you can lead a fulfilling life and feel happy

+ Stop comparing yourself to others and learn to feel fully comfortable in your own skin

+ Quiet your self-critical voice and learn to love yourself for exactly who you are

Participation is by application ONLY with registration closing at 4pm on Monday – Space is limited to ensure that everyone has a meaningful experience.

To reserve your spot, get in touch and let’s talk about how this workshop can help you:

+Gain greater self awareness physically and emotionally

+Quiet the inner critical voice

+Navigate emotional rollercoasters more easily

+Deepen relationships with loved ones.

I’m very excited about kicking off this workshop and look forward to sharing it with you so that you can really turbocharge your life! Get in touch *now* so you don’t miss the deadline for enrollment.

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