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Therapy for teens and adults looking to let go of fear and pain after a difficult experience - so that you can celebrate your life! 
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Mindfulness Matters Resources & Tools

Listed below are some resources and tools to help you in your practice as you continue to build your full awareness of your experiences with nonjudgment so that you can shake your inner critic, find greater clarity, and tackle challenges with ease and invite more joy into your life instead. It is the consistency and repetition, like developing any other skill you have - even walking, that can help us to more easily integrate this new set of skills into your everyday life. The more you bring this powerful practice into your life, the more you practice and the easier it will become so that you can fully gain the benefits of Mindful presence. Every graduate of the Mindfulness Matters group saw that with our practices in the span of a few months. 

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Tara Brach

Dan Siegel

Insight Timer App

The following are some additional books and accessories, including some affiliate links that I have used with positive benefits, to facilitate your practice: 


Looking for a way to slow down the overwhelming thoughts and feelings so you can bring your life to where you want it to be?
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