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Welcome to the Beyond the Couch Podcast!

Beyond the Couch is a show devoted to celebrating you in your amazing life. Each episode, I will share valuable resources, tips, information, and content for many people across the world who might be holding on to fear and pain in their lives after a difficult experience to more effectively redefine their lives, get rid of that pain and fear that holds them back, and create a life they look forward to celebrating. Along the way, we will look at effective tools, practical tips, accessible resources, community supports, and eye-opening insights to help cultivate the life that we want to live and celebrate. In addition, I will be interviewing a number of guests as well as looking at other resources to share the best, most accessible, and most effective tools for listeners along their journey of transformation.

Be sure and listen below - episodes are short and jam packed with information to make sure you are getting a lot of information to turbo-charge your busy, full life!

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"YOU: Celebrated!" - Episode 31 - Today, we review some of the highlights of last season as we get ready to explore some tips and strategies to work through shifts and changing times in our lives. I share my own gratitude for this wonderful community as well my resolve and commitment to continue sharing the best that I can offer to help you navigate crossroads, milestones, barriers, and growth throughout your life. I dedicate this season to celebrating YOU in your amazing life!

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"Mindful Monday: Mindful Transitions " - Episode 32 - In today's Mindful Monday, I share my conversation with Rockland World Radio's host of "Connections with Deborah Turner" and publisher of Natural Awakenings Hudson Valley West magazine Deborah Turner. We go through the ways that we can examine periods of transitions, such as the holidays, as opportunities for us to more mindfully attend to our self care, relationships, and standards for our lives so that we can get through them with ease. Deborah and I list several ways that we can take the stress out of transitions and also invite more connections, gratitude, and joy into our lives so that we can celebrate more of what we love.

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"Helping Teens Navigate Disruptions" - Episode 33 - Today, we examine the ways that teens and their families struggle with anxiety, depression, and even just learning about who they are and how to show up in their lives. Mallory Grimste gives us some tips, tricks, resources, and insights to ensure that we can not only better understand our teens, but also help them find their footing so that we can celebrate their lives as well as our own - together! Mallory also offers us an exclusive bonus - be sure to get your free guided meditation, linked below!

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"Building Unshakeable Connections " - Episode 34 - Rebecca Wong is a relationship therapist, consultant, and cohost of the Practice Of Being Seen podcast. She's also the creator of Connectfulness, a research-based practice that encourages you to explore and embrace every aspect of your humanity – including everything that’s marvelous and all that’s messy.

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"Life After Divorce " - Episode 35 - Dalila Jusic-LaBerge, LMFT is the owner of Be Here & Now Counseling and specializes in working with accomplished women yearning for a loving romantic relationship following a divorce so that they can heal and develop deeper emotional connections with the people they love.

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"Mindful Monday: Practicing the Nonjudgmental Stance " - Episode 36 - Mindfulness is the awareness of the present experience without judgment and it can shift our experiences! One of the key elements of Mindfulness is practicing the non-judgmental stance. Judgments are often difficult for us to notice and sometimes even more difficult for us to shake. They are not always bad - they can be useful! For example,  they allow us to have quick descriptions by creating simple categories and they offer fast, shorthand ways of describing preferences and consequences. At times we do need to make judgments veryquickly in order to act.

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